Indie Game: The Movie

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I'm so excited to check this film out, as soon as I can.  It looks like it could be really cool.  Indie Game: The Movie is a kickstarter funded project by Canadian film makers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot.


This looks to be a film after my own heart.  I'm not a gamer, but I'm good friends with both players and developers so I can recognise a few familiar traits in the subjects presented here!  I am however, a massive nerd, and this film really plays up to that.

Sure, the content is perhaps romanticised a little in the trailer, but that's to be expected.  Also, living with a developer I know the amount of hours and craziness that go into making a game, and that isn't exaggerated in this trailer. I've always found meticulous activities interesting, but generally I find these difficult to represent on film in an engaging way, and if my attention span is anything to go by, so do others.  

From what I can see from this trailer, it looks as if they've found some innovative ways to meld the games and reality in order to keep audience attention. I'm adoring the use of the game graphics to create a stylized pixel reality, hinting at the world these developers live in whilst working on their creations.  I was also impressed by the shallow depth of field presented in the interviews. I'm unsure if the film makers wanted to convey this, but it does give a sense of closeness, as though you had you nose pressed to the lense. This feeling works to evoke an understanding when the developers speak about spending months with their faces inches from the screen.  It will be interesting to see if these techniques are as successful in the final product.  

Sundance certainly seemed to think so, awarding IGTM 'Best Editing' when it premiered in the Sundance World Cinema Documentary Competition last month.

You can view an exclusive clip on Wired here, and pre-orders are available for purchase here, along with other related merchandise.


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