My favourite cinemas in London: Part Three - The Mainstream

Delicious and nutritious?  Quite.

There are so many big films coming out this summer that I'm desperate to see...Prometheus, Cabin in the Woods, Whedon's Avengers, Ted, The Dictator, Burton's Dark Shadows is out next week...the list goes on.  Proper cinema fodder. 

With films like the above, an art-house cave just won't cut it I'm afraid.  I need massive screens, epic sound, and unfeasibly large buckets of popcorn.  Oh, I know that they'll be texting teenagers, muffled conversations and sticky floors throughout, but I don't mind; there really is no better way to see a blockbuster.

What irks me about mainstream London cinema chains is that the ticket prices are prohibitively expensive to a recession battered 'gradult' like myself. Well, prohibitive in the sense that I can't go as often as I'd like, and if we're to believe this guy (which we should), it's only going to get worse as we'll soon be paying more for 2D screenings in order to eliminate the 3D ticket surcharge. Also, considering that the other cinemas I frequent are so much richer in terms of comfort and general experience, I must admit to harbouring a special resentment toward to Vues and Odeons out there, forcing me to pay almost double for in my opinion, a lacklustre experience at best. 

So Cineworld, I choose you.

Here's why..

Exactly. I've paid full the whole year upfront at the slightly higher rate of £215.88 (£17.99 per month) as my closest Cineworld is apparently one of the coveted west-end options. I don't care, it's still worth it.  

Even if you only visit the cinema once a month, you're still saving a bit of money compared to other London mainstream cinema prices. This card works wonders for me as I'm going to see various films at least once a week on average. This will probably double once my card arrives.

Other benefits that Unlimited customers also receive:
  • Be the first to see - Unlimited customers get invited to exclusive Advance Screenings; keep an eye out for more information in our fortnightly email newsletter

  • Preferential discounts - Unlimited customers get exclusive discounts on food and drinks at selected cinemas. In addition we discount non-film screenings, including Live Opera in HD, Live National Theatre performances, Live sport in 3D, Live gigs etc. Unlimited customers also receive discounts from local retailers.

  • Exclusive competitions - Unlimited members can take part and win items that money can’t buy.
Well, yes.  Those things are also good.

Not too much to say experience-wise.. the venue I frequent is the Shaftesbury Avenue branch and it's much the same as any other mainstream cinema, nothing too special.  I avoid the bigger crowds by going to early screenings on weekdays, though as I'm generally only going for the blockbusters no matter what time you attend they'll be fairly healthy audience numbers.

There are various Cineworld branches dotted throughout the UK, so I would recommend this option to any avid cinema-goer within half an hours reach of a branch, even if it means passing by a more accessible Vue or Odeon, as it will save some pennies in the end. 

I would love to know any other cinema chains are offering this sort of deal, but Cineworld is the only feasible option I've found so far, certainly the most convenient.  I wish that other large chains would consider something like this, but I can't see it happening any time soon, so I'll stick with what I've got; my awesome Cineworld unlimited card.
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