What I want to see in Science Communication on the internet.

So I've been thinking about public science engagement.  Specifically, popularising science to young adults online.

FYI, European Commission, this ain't how it's done.

 (Srsly, forget about the blatant sexism in this video, where are the rainbow laser unicorns?!)

Ok, as everyone knows, the internet is made of unicorns, rainbows, bacon and cats.  The more these things are combined, the more awesome they are considered.

On the internet science is also awesome.  Sort of.  Einstein doing things other than science, science t-shirt fashion, science memes, and this guy from nasa...

So science seems popular on the internet, but I always got the feeling the image is more important than the content. The idea of science is cool, intriguing symbols, apparatus, white lab coat, eccentric personalities, other science cliche etc.  This stuff is everywhere. Yet, when it comes to online science content with mass (or translated to web, 'viral') appeal to young adults, not so much.  How can science institutions capitalise on this apparent popularity to provide entertaining and engaging science content?

Don't get me wrong, there is stuff out there, great stuff. Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing Epic Science Stuff. However, there is the potential for so much more...

So, I feel like writing a series on it.  Kind of.

I want to analyse what science stuff is out there that I know of, why I think it's awesome and in some cases why it isn't quite as popular as I think it deserves to be.
I think talking about science should be fun, and I want to identify what could be described as 'gaps in the market' for some irreverent, silly but thoroughly captivating online science content. So I'll also be looking at hilarious online examples from other subjects such as history or politics, and see if any of those techniques can be incorporated into making science stuff that's not only engaging (some more than others!) but ultimately hilarious.

So, erm, I'mma get on that now.

The Final Countdown! *Dadada Da...ad nauseam*

Hiatus Update:

Research is complete, awesome!  Now, need to wait and see what I actually graduate with. Hopefully a first as predicted.. I really don't fancy reconsidering my professional/academic career now!

In the mean time, I need to find out from all the (lovely, really appreciated, etc) contributors if I can actually publish my work here so anyone reading this will know why I've been mostly awol for the best part of five months...yeah.

Currently I'm formulating a proposal for what hopefully will be accepted as a PhD in Science Communication, but more on that later...now it's time to get a job. Studies take up time and money, and experience is a must to get your head above the crowd or so somebody important told me..I think it was my dad.

So normal service will resume shortly, hopefully with a lot more relevant sci-comm content, not necessarily TV related, but just because my head is just overflowing with it!  Sooo much to question, pose, discuss, evaluate...exciting stuff!
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